Cal Skate Rohnert Park

STEM Field Trips

Did you know that Cal Skate now offers an educational field trip program that immerses students in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)?

The STEM concepts are related to roller skating, where students will learn that STEM is all around them, it is not just a concept found in the classroom or a science lab. 

We have two GREAT lesson plans to pick from for grades K-6th: Newtons Three Laws of Motion OR Heart Health. We will cater each lesson plan to the average grade level of each group attending.

After the lesson, the students will participate in one to two hours of the physical fitness activity of roller skating. We will offer a short skating lesson to get them rolling. If more help is still needed, we have skate mates available to help support their balance and provide them a positive skating experience. Students will burn up to 1,000 calories in just two hours of roller skating.

Our STEM team is excited to be a part of this great program. Check out this video to see what STEM Skating Programs look like across the United States:

You must have minimum of 40 students to book STEM Field Trip *we recommend a maximum of 120 students*

The cost is $14.00/student which includes admission, one hour of STEM education and up to two hours of skating (depending on any time restrictions you may have for your trip). Our skating time includes a short skating lesson, skate rentals, and skate mates as needed. (Lunch options are also available by request at an additional cost per student)

Our Field Trips are offered Mondays – Thursdays.

If you have more questions about our Field Trips please reach out by email to

If you are ready to reserve your Field Trip, please call us at 707-585-0494 TODAY!