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We Know Skates!

We offer you the expert guidance and advice to make sure you find the skates that match your needs and budget.

We have protective gear, outdoor wheels, quad and inline skates for youth and some adult sizes now available.

Check out our high top “Crazy Skate” Glitz and Glam ladies skates sizes 5-10 ($109.00). 

We are an authorized “Rollerblade” brand distributor!

We carry Boys & Girls adjustable “Spitfires” and full size Mens & Womans “Zetrablades”. We can order all models of “Rollerblade” brand inlines. We carry a wide variety of “QUADS” (traditional roller skates) including: Riedell, Suregrip, Crazy, and Lenexa.

Skate Samples

High Top Starters: Children & Adults

Hightop rollerskate

Reidell, Sure Grip, Crazy and many other brands for children & adults

Low Top Quads Derby

Lowtop Rollerskate

Reidell, Suregrip, Crazy and many other brands for children & adult

Full Size Adult Inlines

Boys Zetra Blade Rollerblades

Men's & Woman's "Zetrablades" $99.99 We can order any "Rollerblade" brand model

Kid's Adjustable Inlines

Spit Fire Rollerblades

Spitfire Adjustables by "Rollerblade" $79.99 sizes 11j-1, 1-4, 2-7 We can also order Lenexa & Crazy Blades