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Skating Cohorts

Due to COVID19, Cal Skate has remained closed for multi-age drop-in public skating since March 16, 2020. We are unable to open at this time for multi-age drop-in public skating.

Following the regional shut down order, we hope to re-open in the near future for skating cohorts. Following the local, county, and state COVID19 guidelines, a cohort is a stable group of no more than 16 individuals. Before entering Cal Skate a health check will be performed, temperatures taken, and hands will be sanitized. Everyone will be required to wear masks, practice social distancing, and all other COVID19 protocol. Skaters will be placed in cohorts based on category of interest, age preferences, and availability. Categories offered will include beginner skating, fitness skating, skill building, roller derby, and inline speed skating. If you are interested in being contacted when cohort enrollment begins, please provide your contact information here:

Skating Cohort Interest Form

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Skater Information

If you have additional questions about our skating cohorts please reach out to us by email at