Cal Skate Rohnert Park

Work While They Play


Learn to Skate

For younger skaters wearing quad rental skates size 2 or smaller, we offer wheel tightening to help them learn to control their skates and build their confidence. We believe that any child that has mastered “walking” can participate. By slowing down the wheels for a small child, they learn to march their skates around the skating surface without worrying about slipping and sliding. As they gain confidence, their wheels can slowly be loosened and they can begin to experience gliding little by little between marches. Soon they will be ready for their wheels to be set to spin freely.

Here at Cal Skate, we have “Skate Mates” for rent to help anyone learn how to skate! A “Skate Mate” is made of PVC plastic and rotating wheels and functions like a “walker”. It gives a new skater or returning skater an assist with balance as they learn to move around the skating rink surface. A “Skate Mate” will not prevent all falls, but as confidence builds using a “Skate Mate”, beginner skaters will be zipping around the roller-skating floor in no time! Whether you are young or old, short or tall, we offer a variety of sizes to fit your height! Skate Mates are available on a first come first serve basis for a rental fee of $5/session.

Monday and Thursday mornings 9:30-11:30am, check out our “Kid’s Skate Session”. This session is designed for preschoolers; but all children 10 years old and under are welcome. This is the ONLY skating time we allow parents to WALK in shoes out on the skating surface. We also will allow you to push a stroller around the skating floor during this session! Our “Kids’s Skate Session” includes group activities that help teach fundamental skating skills and your beloved skating games (ex. Hokey Pokey & Limbo). Music during this session is geared towards young children.

At Cal Skate we offer group skating classes on Saturday mornings. Group instruction from 9:30-10:00 is followed by our 10:00-Noon “Early Bird Skating Session” where you can participate and practice your skills for no extra fee. Our 30 minute class includes skate rental and professional instruction from certified skating instructors. All ages and skill levels are welcome.

Monthly skating tests and report cards will let you know how you and/or your child are progressing in their skating skills. This class can be done on a drop-in basis or at a discounted price if you sign up for the month.

NO advanced reservation required. Arrive any Saturday at 9:20 and “Get Yourself Rolling”. Pay By the Week: $14.00 or Pay By the Month: $40.00 (Includes rental skates, quad skates preferred, and public skate time until 12:00)

Class Skaters Learn: Marching, Gliding, Stopping, One Foot Balancing, Maneuvering, Scooter Pushes, Cannonballs, One Foot Shoot-the-Duck, Turning, Backwards Skating, Cross Overs, Cross Pulls, Basic Jumps and Spins.

For skaters that want more one-on-one attention, we offer private instruction. During our early bird session Saturdays 10:00am-Noon, we offer 15 minute mini-lessons with a certified instructor for $10 (with paid admission to skate). Mini-lessons are also be offered during other skating sessions by appointment.

Are you are interested in INLINE SPEED skating? Beginner speed skating classes are offered on Wednesday afternoon from 4:30-6:00pm. You should have “basic” inline skills to participate. $15.00 drop-in includes skate rental, or pay $40.00/monthly. NO advanced reservation required. Arrive any Wednesday at 4:15 and “Satisfy your NEED FOR SPEED”.

Interested in ROLLER DERBY? Adult Beginning Roller Derby instruction is on Tuesday nights 8:00-10:00pm. $10.00 drop-in (rental equipment available) NO advanced reservation required. Come release your inner “Derby Girl”!

As skaters progress, they may be interested in joining the Rohnert Park Artistic Club, Express Precision Skating Team, Resurrection Roller Derby Team, Fallin’ Angels Resurrection Junior Derby team, or North Coast Inline Racing Team.