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Please help support us through your skate and equipment purchases! We have a variety of Childrens and adults quad and inline skates for indoor/outdoor use. Pro shop is open for fitting and retail purchase. Call 707-585-0494 or email to check availability and make an appointment. Please include your phone number.

Re-Opening Soon for Skating Cohorts

Following the regional shut down order, we hope to re-open in the near future for skating cohorts. Following the local, county, and state COVID19 guidelines, a cohort is a stable group of no more than 16 individuals. Before entering Cal Skate a health check will be performed, temperatures taken, and hands will be sanitized. Everyone will be required to wear masks, practice social distancing, and all other COVID19 protocol. Skaters will be placed in cohorts based on category of interest, age preferences, and availability. Categories offered will include beginner skating, fitness skating, skill building, roller derby, and inline speed skating. If you are interested in being contacted when cohort enrollment begins, please provide your contact information here:

If you have additional questions about our skating cohorts please reach out to us by email at

Cal Skate is eager to re-open. We have resurfaced our rink walls for easier cleaning, remodeled our DJ stand, set up tables according to social distancing guidelines and allowed for the option of online ordering from our snack bar. Hand sanitizer is now available throughout the building.

We plan to perform health checks for everyone upon entrance, including taking temperatures, and the sanitizing of hands. Masks, social distancing, and all other COVID19 protocol will be required.

On behalf of all the businesses listed above, we’d like to thank you for supporting us and for helping create the diverse business environment that existed in Sonoma County until March of this year. We are now asking for your help to save these businesses. Otherwise, we won’t see a future in Sonoma County that has this wide range of options for recreation and fitness for ourselves and our families.

Many of you are not quite ready to come back to see us, and we respect and appreciate your views on what is best for your own family. However, once we are given the opportunity prove to you that our reopening policies will provide a very high level of safety, we know that a whole lot of you will be very ready and excited to bring your families back to have a great time.

We are experts in our respective businesses and industries, and we have spent a lot of time and effort crafting safety plans that exceed all government guidance. We are confident that we can provide you the extraordinary fun and fitness that our businesses are known for while strictly enforcing safety protocols that keep everyone safe.

Unfortunately, under the color-coded system announced by the state, our businesses will NOT be allowed to reopen in the “Red” phase, while almost every other kind of business will be open in Sonoma County at that time. We are speaking out as much as we can to see equity applied to the state’s color-coded reopening matrix, but our voices alone can’t affect the change we need.

We are asking each of you to support us in these efforts in the hopes that our elected leaders will listen to the voice of the people and treat our businesses fairly and equitably. We ask this not only for our own continued existence as proud local businesses, but also for your own family’s best interests. We know first-hand how the shutdowns of businesses like ours have adversely impacted many people’s emotional and physical well-being. We need to bring the fun and fitness of our businesses back into the lives of our Sonoma County community.

We respectfully and humbly ask that you write an email or call any or all the public officials listed below and let them know that you would like to see our businesses treated equitably.

Cal Skate hopes to be allowed to re-open soon, but needs your help. Write to your local and state representatives or officials and urge them to let Cal Skate re-open for fitness and family entertainment.

Press Democrat Letters to the
Bill Dodd (State Senator) 707-576-2093
David Rabbitt (County Supervisor) 707-565-2241
Shirlee Zane (County Supervisor) 707-565-2241
Mike McGuire (State Senator) 707-576-2771
Cecilia Aguiar-Curry (State Assembly) 707-224-0440
Governor Newsom (Governor of CA)

Here are some “Not So Fun” facts you may wish to include:

Beginner Skating

Skill Building

Fitness Skating

Roller Derby Skating

Inline Speed Skating

Buying Skates

We offer you the expert guidance and advice to make sure you find the right skates. We have youth and adult quad and inline skates, indoor and outdoor wheels, and protective equipment to match your needs and your budget for indoor and outdoor skating. Email with your skating needs.